R & D strength

Professional R&D team

The R&D center has extensively absorbed domestic high-level scientific and technological talents and built a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted team of professional talents. The center has 78 full-time R&D personnel, of which more than 95% are undergraduate and intermediate technical titles.

Advanced research equipment

The company continues to strengthen the infrastructure and research and development equipment conditions of the R&D center. At present, the center has an independent laboratory and a pilot plant for raw materials and medicinal materials that meet the requirements of cGMP, and is equipped with a full set of synthetic synthesis equipment for organic synthesis and pharmaceutical excipients. It is equipped with a laboratory for the application of pharmaceutical excipients. A complete set of equipment for the quality of pharmaceutical excipients, equipped with infrared spectrophotometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Agilent high performance liquid chromatography, Shimadzu gas chromatograph, total organic carbon analyzer, etc. Equipment, providing strong technical support for research and development.

Multi-form research and development cooperation

The company pays attention to independent research and development, and strengthens cooperation with the outside. It has established joint research and development centers with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and Zhejiang University of Technology, and has carried out extensive research with well-known professional colleges and universities in the field of drug research and development such as China Pharmaceutical University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Exchange and cooperation.